Mercury, the planet of communication, is combust by the all-powerful Sun in Taurus and then Gemini from June 1st to 26th 2024.

Combustion occurs when Mercury comes very close to the Sun’s glare, and becomes burnt up and weaker in the horoscope. Your powers of thought and speech are affected and you find it hard to remain objective.

You may have a very real problem at hand, like a deadline or decision, or there’s someone who has power or influence over you, but general mental pressure also exaggerates your situation. This period may be useful in retrospect, if you feel compelled to speak about an issue, or you are pressured into finding an actual solution.

It pays not to commit yourself too soon, however, or give up if a plan runs into difficulties, especially in a group project where there are competing egos. Swift-moving Mercury catches up to the Sun over the course of this transit and is most fully combust from June 13th to 18th, as both planets move into Gemini.

At this point, the Sun’s effect on Mercury is like an eclipse, where your thoughts are overwhelmed and anxious, and a stressful thought takes on even greater proportions. You have pride wrapped up in your thinking, and can’t face changing your mind or not having a clear exit strategy.

Mercury in Gemini from June 14th is rational and clear-minded, and it’s a sign of strength if you hold your tongue and hand authority over for a time. You have diplomatic skills if you need to defer a judgment, and somebody close may even appreciate being drawn into your decision-making process.

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