Mercury, planet of media and commerce, enters the nakshatra of Magha in the sign of Leo on August 8th until 15th 2021.

This nakshatra translates to ‘The Grand’ and its symbol is a royal throne-room, where your communication becomes confident and outgoing. You arrive at decisions by intuitive certainty, already sensing the answer to any question and defying anyone to disagree.

Such a fixed mentality helps you get over obstacles and stay upbeat about the future, though Magha’s fiery nature and stubbornness may also see you being drawn into disputes. Declaring a grand truth has an affirming effect, and you end up leading by example and inspiration.

You have pride wrapped up in your beliefs and prefer to take centre-stage: Magha has a natural sense of the dramatic, where you inject a touch of theatre into your everyday conversation, or may take an actual artistic or acting role.

You love to point to an achievement everyone can see, and with such a boast to sustain you, you’re the most giving and generous of people. Magha’s ruling deity is The Pitris, the ancestral spirits, which gives you a feeling of being born naturally into a position, though may lead to an entitled attitude.

Be mindful of people who are sensitive to the feeling of being patronized, even when you’re only trying to help. Mercury also joins dynamic Mars in Leo and receives the influence of expansive Jupiter through this whole transit, giving you greater powers of assertion, even of a kind of prophecy, where you sense what will happen next.

You have a broad vision and a philosophical outlook, but keep calm in the heat of a debate, and also if you are tempted into an impulse purchase.

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