October 01 - 03

Mercury, Mars Conjunction (in Virgo) ~ Dare to speak your mind

Mercury, planet of thought, is conjunct Mars, planet of action and competition in Virgo, from October 1st to 3rd.

This pairing of planetary enemies affects your speech and communication, and may give you a restless mind and a lesson in focusing your thoughts. It will probably help to have a specific target or objective in mind, and to be determined to take one thing at a time.

This transit favours campaigning and protesting, and you can be a big help to any cause with targeted mental energy. You can also complain effectively for yourself, or take up somebody else’s dispute and be a voice for change.

Mercury and Mars are at opposite ends of Virgo at this time, so do not completely overpower each other, but their natures are quite contrasting and need to be handled carefully.

You can accomplish a great deal when you have full mental detachment, but the risk is that you attempt too much and run after every thought and desire as they take you in different directions.

Mercury is strong in Virgo, however, and its smart and diplomatic nature is energized by Mars, which gives you an assertive and competitive streak. Choose your words carefully, especially if you get into an argument, and be mindful that home truths do not come out in a harsh or blunt way.

Stick to the facts and don’t be tempted to exaggerate for effect. This is a good time for late-night studying and chasing a deadline, and should give you sharp technical and problem-solving skills. An answer to a long-standing question still needs to be put into practice, but a flash of inspiration points you in the right direction.

October 01 - 18

Mercury, Sun Conjunction (in Virgo) ~ Shine by being smart and sharp

Mercury, planet of the mind, is in conjunction with the light-giving Sun in Virgo from October 1st to 18th 2023.

Sun and Mercury are planetary enemies, but are often found in the same sign, so your task now is to find a way to combine their strengths. Sun-Mercury together create Budhaditya Yoga, a combination which gives powers of study, speech, and business acumen, and sees you finding new solutions and ways to do deals.

You have pride invested in your intelligence and may identify closely with a novel idea or theme. This conjunction in Virgo sees Mercury at its strongest, which gives extra promise for book-learning aligned with practical knowhow, and finding the perfect words for every situation.

From October 3rd, your gift for diplomacy may be called on by a boss or friend, and you can also bond with somebody over a shared love of a highly specialized subject. This is a good time to study, where you can gain credentials and also cultivate yourself as a learned person.

Mercury picks up speed as this transit progresses, moving gradually closer to the Sun by October 14th, when you may be completely wrapped up in a subject, to the point of being restless or overwhelmed.

The Sun, however, also sheds symbolic light and inspiration on an area you may have been avoiding, and you find a smart way to move forwards. Sun-Mercury also makes you a good researcher, unearthing facts and covering the fine details of a long-standing issue, and finding an elegant solution.

Along with native intelligence and practicality, you have an instinct for what will be popular and how you can turn knowledge to your advantage.

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