Saturn, the planet of karma and success, enters pada (part) one of Purva Bhadrapada from April 6th to May 12th, in the Aquarius portion of this nakshatra.

Purva Bhadrapada has an association with burning and fire, where you purge and cleanse old activities before moving on to the next level. Its symbol, the front side of a bed, shows you removing old obstacles as much as accumulating new possessions and ambitions, and its Shakti is ‘The Power of Spiritual Fire’.

Saturn and this nakshatra have an affinity for their shared purging and ascetic qualities, and you may be stripping your life down and focusing on what is truly most important. Pada One relates to Aries navamsa, ruled by Mars, which gives you an immediate and action-oriented quality that contrasts with Saturn’s slow and deliberate style.

Reaching a balance between these two extremes is a big part of handling this transit. You can be tough and decisive, and make a major difference to your life when you decide what you can do without. Purva’s deity is Ajaikapada, a form of Rudra, the Storm God, though in this case, a firestorm in the sense of making a sacrifice or atonement – meditation and fasting are timeless techniques for inner clearing.

Saturn transits with dynamic Mars in Aquarius up to April 24th altogether, which creates natural tension and demands that you persevere. These two planets come together most closely in Purva Bhadrapada between April 10th to 12th, and you may be taking a stand or defending an unpopular position.

Pada One of the nakshatra relates to the Dharma or Right Action tendency, and sticking to your principles in the face of criticism is a step on the way to success.

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