Mars, a planet of energy and dynamism is in the Gandanta zone between water and fire zodiacal signs and nakshatras from May 27th to June 5th 2024.

Pisces and Aries, and Revati and Ashwini, are sharply contrasting energies, and any planet moving through this Gandanta ‘knot-end’ has to adjust through an unfocused and often fated quality. Events can feel random and contrary, where you get a quite different result than you are aiming for, and you must deal with an unexpected outcome.

Mars’s direct and impulsive style pushes on regardless, but you may need a subtler approach and strategize more carefully. Keep working and looking ahead, however, or else the Gandanta energy can be self-defeating, and people mistake your reserve for lack of effort.

Your actions are justified if everybody wins. The Revati part of this transit up to June 1st favours imagination and insight, where Mars comes together with shadowy Rahu and you experiment and rebel against authority.

Mars then enters its home sign of Aries, and stored-up energy builds pressure ready to release – it’s at this time you need to be most careful. Ashwini’s Shakti ‘to quickly reach things’ means you succeed more fully when you are sure of support and can act spontaneously.

Going from secrecy into superhero mode takes people by surprise and you may go too far in taking back credit – take the Gandanta period as a whole and if possible wait until it is past before leaping into action.

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