Saturn, planet of karma and success, goes retrograde in Capricorn-Shravana on May 23rd, all the way until October 11th.

This is the planet’s annual five-month backwards phase where its themes of the last year repeat and are ground in for the long term. Saturn is at home in Capricorn and also goes through the centre of the sign where it is strongest, giving enormous rewards for your professionalism.

Saturn rules time itself, which favours an ambitious project that comes together slowly, even though being in the moment makes time pass more quickly. This retrograde phase can be a make-or-break experience where you judge whether your current direction is bearing fruit or if it’s better to cut your losses and try another path.

Patience is key and however frustrating the course and increased obstacles along the way, Saturn rewards consistent effort and refusing to cut corners. Shravana nakshatra’s symbol is The Ear, which as well as obvious listening skills, is linked with oral wisdom and speech, so the way you communicate becomes super-important.

Decide how you want to get your message across, and dealing with contrasting and conflicting knowledge-sources may also compel you to make changes. Shravana’s Shakti, or special power, is for Connection, so as well as keeping busy yourself, you can reach out to others and collaborate on a shared effort.

From September 15th, Saturn is joined by Jupiter returning into Capricorn, and both these key planets being retrograde puts even greater onus on a slow, patient build-up.

Saturn is also book-ended at either side of its retro transit by Mercury retrograde phases, so it’s extra important to weigh up your choices and wait before committing.

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