Mercury, planet of speech and communication, is in Purva Ashada, the nakshatra within the sign of Sagittarius from January 4th to Feb 4th 2023.

This extended transit includes Mercury’s retrograde phase up to January 18th, where you are reviewing ideas and plans, especially in the New Year period. This is a good time to reflect and re-think, even though making a final decision may be best left until the retro window is over.

Purva Ashada’s symbol of a Sieve or Winnowing Fan is used to separate wheat from the chaff, so this time has a special affinity with editing and revising, and you end up with a better version of any project which involves the right choice of words.

This nakshatra translates to The Unconquered and is associated with invincibility, while its Shakti or unique power, for ‘Invigoration’, again brings a new approach into your ideas, speech and writing. You can make a lasting statement of your beliefs, or gather new information that broadens your understanding of the world.

Purva Ashada is a good debater too, which suits Mercury perfectly, so you may get into arguments and discussions, or share big ideas among your close circle. You can also campaign effectively, writing letters or speaking up in support of a cause.

The only risk is that every question becomes a matter of opinion rather than fact, so focus on the practical side, where you win in work and business by doing deals and selling yourself smartly.

The presiding devata here, Lord Jal, is the embodiment of the water element, and you can ‘water’ your plans symbolically, while Purva’s power for renewal sees new shoots coming up when you focus on the right areas. 

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