mercury in purva ashada

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Mercury, planet of speech and communication, is in Purva Ashada, the nakshatra within the sign of Sagittarius from December 9th until 16th 2023, which includes its retrograde period starting from December 13th. Allow yourself wriggle-room in negotiations at this time and look around when window-shopping for the best prices. Purva Ashada translates to The Unconquered and is associated […]
  1. Transits
Mercury, planet of the mind, is together with the all-powerful Sun in Sagittarius from January 1st to 14th, which makes the combination, Budhaditya Yoga, focusing on your pursuit of knowledge, native intelligence and promise of educational honours. The Sun’s central life-giving force gives you strength and leadership ability, where Mercury’s pure intellect represents speaking ability […]
  1. Transits
Mercury, planet of intelligence and communication, turns retrograde in Capricorn-Uttara Ashada on December 29th, and then reverses into Sagittarius by New Year’s Eve 2022. Of three Mercury retrograde spells in a year this one is of medium duration, with the planet moving relatively quickly and avoiding the biggest retro delays and confusion. Still, it is […]