Mercury, planet of speech and communication, is in Purva Ashada, the nakshatra within the sign of Sagittarius from January 20th to 30th 2024.

This is a repeat of Mercury’s recent transit through this nakshatra in mid-December 2023, when it went retrograde, and you may commit to a question now which arose at that time. You have all the details you need, and your schedule may be less complicated and allow you to choose more easily.

Purva Ashada translates to The Unconquered and is associated with invincibility, while its Shakti, or unique power, for ‘Invigoration’ sees a new approach into your thought, speech and writing.

The presiding devata of this asterism, Lord Jal, is the embodiment of water, and you can ‘water’ your plans, while Purva Ashada’s power for renewal sees new shoots coming up when you focus on the right areas. Make a statement of your beliefs and gather new information that broadens your understanding of the world.

You also have a practical streak where you can win in work and business, do deals, and become an effective salesperson. Purva Ashada brings out Mercury’s debating skills, so you may get into an argument or discussion, and share big ideas with your close circle, where you can campaign, write letters, and speak up in support of a cause.

Mercury comes together with assertive Mars by January 27th, and you go to war with words, and this moment may see a flashpoint sparked by a difference of opinion.

The influence of protective Jupiter on Mercury through this whole transit also broadens your thinking, and a teacher or knowledge source is on hand to give you vital answers.

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