Mercury, planet of thought and commerce, is in the Gandanta zone between fire and water signs and nakshatras from December 7th to 12th 2021.

This junction area which translates to a ‘knot-end’ stretches from the final pada of Jyeshtha through the first of Mula and has a quality of instability and karmic lessons. Of all three different Gandata zones, these current signs are often the most volatile and unstable, which makes it hard to commit and see the future, and communication and contractual affairs go unexpectedly – to the point of being taken out of your hands.

Mercury goes from being all instinct and emotion in Scorpio-Jyeshtha, where you rely on your gut instinct, to philosophical and otherworldly Sagittarius-Mula, where your speech is abstract and academic. This is a big jump, and the new mental atmosphere takes time for you to adjust and make decisions.

Use your intuition still in Mula, but know it has a different quality to the previous intense energy of Jyeshtha, while Mercury in fire has a positive prophetic quality that sees you backing yourself in times of doubt. This transition also goes from fixed Scorpio to mutable Sagittarius, so if you have dug your heels in and committed to a position, appreciate it’s still possible to extricate yourself.

Friends and family may act strangely too, or else pull out of an agreement which you thought a sure thing. Mercury remains close to the Sun through this whole transit, so you have pride and ego wrapped up in your ideas and communication, and need recognition for your input.

Take your time: it pays to keep a close eye on a situation and not allow matters to drift, particularly a business negotiation – it’s good to talk, remain in touch and keep your options open.

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