Mercury, planet of intelligence is in Cancer-Ashlesha from July 16th to 24th 2023, the ‘serpent nakshatra’ associated with protectiveness and emotional insight.

This transit brings out your private side, along with a rather defensive streak which reflects this asterism’s rulers, The Naghas, the mythological snakes who acted as guardians of celestial treasure.

Serpents are a symbol of shrewdness and worldly wisdom, and though you have excellent empathic instincts, you penetrate surface appearances, and detect games and manipulation from people – perhaps even employing some of your own.

You can use psychology to size up a situation and may unnerve and hypnotize your rivals to keep your competitive edge. The Full Moon on July 17th gives your intuition extra strength and up to July 19th especially you can act on a hunch with confidence.

Combining thought with feeling allows you to express yourself clearly, but there are also moments where you are overwhelmed and at a loss for words. Hidden agendas are the order of the day and this transit may also bring you into a toxic atmosphere, where people say one thing and do another.

By July 24th, you pick up unusual signals from somebody close to you, and you have an instinct how they may be behaving. Some sensations are so subtle that they cannot be easily expressed, and you can also delight in an unspoken rapport with someone where words are not necessary.

Ashlesha’s Shakti is ‘To Inflict Poison’, but you can also use Mercury’s sharp, inquiring side to study medicine from a healing point of view. Ashlesha also has a powerful yogic quality, where you combine deep research with practice of yoga and meditation to arrive at a more profound understanding than book learning.

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