Mercury, planet of the mind, is in conjunction with the Sun in Cancer from July 17th to 24th 2023.

Tap into powers of insight and inner growth.

Sun in Cancer - Insights and Remedies

Dakshinayana commences as the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer. 

Dakshinayana refers to the movement of the sun to the south of the equator and indicates the six-month period between the summer solstice and the winter solstice, when the days become shorter and nights longer.

Symbolically, it represents a time of introspection, contemplation, and inner growth.

In Hinduism, it is believed that during Dakshinayana, the gods and goddesses rest, and it is considered an auspicious period for spiritual practices, meditation, and self-reflection. This period is contrasted with Uttarayana (Sun’s transit into Capricorn), when the Sun starts its northern movement and marks the beginning of longer days.

Dakshinayana is a time for embracing inner transformation and connecting with one’s inner self in the Indian cultural context.

Insights and Remedies to do during this time:

  1. Every time when the Sun moves into a  sign it awakens the Aditya (solar deity) of that sign. The Aditya connected to the sign cancer is Varuna Aditya (ruler of the infinite ocean). You can honor Varuna Aditya with the mantra “Aum Ghrini Varuna Aditya” while looking at the Sun with gratitude each morning.
  2. The form of Lord Ganesha connected to the sign Cancer is Gajavaktra – so you can chant the mantra – Om Gajavaktraya Namah to overcome any obstacles.
  3. The Beeja mantra (super powerful seed mantra) of Varuna is “Vam”. Just saying this sound “Vam” can bring about peace and happiness in your life.
  4. The Jyotirlinga (representation of Lord Shiva) connected to the sign Cancer is “Omkareshwar”. Lord Shiva is the deity of Sun. You can chant the mantra “Aum Namah Shivaya Namo Omkareshwaraya” to honor Lord Shiva for protection.
  5. Sun represents eyes and Cancer represents nurturing or caring for someone, so it is a good time to donate towards a project involving the treatment of eyes for people may not be able to afford it.

Mercury Sun Conjunction in Cancer - Insights

These two planets are natural enemies, but have great promise when fused together, which makes this a good transit for media work, striking deals and making connections.

Sitting in different nakshatras at different ends of Cancer, Mercury and the Sun give you a flair for study, speaking and doing business effectively, but remain far enough apart not to interfere with each other’s style.

Mercury in Ashlesha works as much by instinct as its regular intellectual mode, and rewards you for listening to your gut feeling. The Sun in Punarvasu then Pushya, gives you the ability to illuminate a hidden or missing fact and face squarely what needs to be done.

You shed symbolic light on a subject you may have been avoiding or simply did not know how to move forwards with. This paring makes you a good psychologist or researcher, digging into the past or old family history and coming up with a solution that answers a problem today.

As well as native intelligence and fine intuition, you have a sense of for the popular and what works well with people’s basic needs. You can be sympathetic and insightful, and a friend or contact may come to you unexpectedly with a problem or proposition.

This transit begins with the New Moon in Cancer-Punarvasu on July 17th, and the following 48 hours finds both Mercury and the Sun strengthened and supported by the lunar energy. The feelings you pick up on may be subtle, but you have confidence in your ability to read people and atmospheres, and can make yourself stand out in a crowd.

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