Venus, planet of relationship and values, is in the nakshatra of Chitra across the signs Virgo and Libra from Oct 13th to 23rd.

Chitra is among the brightest stars in the sky, and its symbol of a shining Jewel finds luxurious Venus very much at home, in the Libra portion especially, after October 18th. Soft and feminine, this is the place of showiness, glamour and the arts, and signals a creative renaissance in your world.

Charm and putting on an appearance can be a superficial performance, but making the effort shows you are in the game – you draw attention and people want to do business with you. Venus is all about relationship and cooperation, and you turn heads with your style, and connect with people through a mutual interest in the arts and design.

Chitra’s Shakti is ‘Power to Collect Merit’, so aiming high and doing the right thing accumulates goodwill for the present and the future. The first five days of this transit especially may find you drawn to somebody from a different background or culture, and you explore your mutual common ground and differences.

This nakshatra’s rulership by Vishvakarma, the celestial architect, also shows your grand ambition and vision in both style and substance. So while you are dressing to impress and making a display, there’s serious potential here if you wish to pursue it.

You can be your own best advocate for a creative project or image makeover, and know exactly how to present yourself. The whole current transit finds Venus moving alongside the all-powerful Sun, also in Chitra, which gives you the desire to stand out and be the centre of attention.

You thrive in relationship and know when to compromise and when to take the lead.

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