The Sun, planet of light and self, comes together with dynamic Mars in Virgo from September 17th to October 3rd 2023.

This conjunction of planetary friends energizes each one and gives you the potential for inspired work with a strong driving edge. You have pride invested in your work and find success with a straightforward approach and assertive quality that may be missing at other times.

You ask openly for what you want and may bite back if anyone tries to interfere in your business. The Sun begins this transit at the start of Virgo, in Uttara Phalguni up to September 27th, while Mars moves through Hasta, then Chitra.

The two planets remain close enough to influence each other, but far enough apart that Mars keeps its power to compete and motivate. This transit in a Mercury-ruled sign begins the day after a Mercury-retrograde period, so you may be making up for lost time, or chasing up missing information.

A frustrated or indecisive phase in the weeks immediately leading up to this time ends abruptly, and after a period of window-shopping and research, you know exactly what you want. People respect that you have done your homework, but be careful of coming across in a too-pushy way, especially if you are in a hurry and chasing a deadline.

Sun and Mars are also hemmed between the influences of Mercury and shadowy Ketu, which gives you a visionary and intuitive way of communicating. You win through a combination of willingness, hard work, and a subtle knowledge of your subject, though it’s best to preserve your energy carefully and follow a definite plan.

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