The Sun, the central life-giving force, is in Uttara Phalguni across the signs of Leo and Virgo from September 13th to 27th.

Uttara’s Shakti, or special gift, is ‘Prosperity through Partnership’ so you can strike a balance between your own needs and appreciation and giving enough to others. The Sun is a symbol of pride and identity, so make sure your talents are on display and you have a place to shine, while also giving a thought to cooperation.

Your talents catch the eye and attract interest that promotes your interests, yet it’s also profitable to bring a partner in to share the work. Generosity brings out the best of this planet and nakshatra both, and attracts support from your environment – especially when you make a charitable donation.

Uttara’s symbol of a Hammock, favours a leisurely approach, and its presiding deities, Aryaman and Bagha, are associated with marriage and long-term relationship. So while you are in no hurry, you do put energy in your partnership and are super-generous to the main person in your life.

Motivated by a simple desire to be of help and support, you make yourself popular to people who like being around your positive energy. A relationship is all about pure enjoyment and taking it easy, though do try to pick up on romantic signals and appreciate when someone wants to be serious.

The Sun joins feisty Mars in Virgo by September 17th, giving you deceptive energy and a competitive spirit, and you may surprise people with a sudden leap into action.

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