Venus, planet of art and relationship, is in Shravana from February 4th to 16th, a nakshatra wholly within the zodiacal sign of Capricorn.

The Shakti, or unique gift, of this asterism is ‘Making Connection’, and Venus here sees you bonding with a partner over a shared love of the arts, either in romantic affair or creative collaboration. This is a time of romance for the long term, where you form a partnership that endures in all weathers.

Shravana associates with high learning and spiritual knowledge through its rulership by Vishnu the Preserver, and Shravana itself is also known for its power to give fame. Either you target a relationship with a definite romantic strategy in mind, or you attract this kind of attention from the outside.

There is a big focus on the sign of Capricorn now, and Saturday February 6th sees Venus come together with sober Saturn, where you have to spell your romantic message out very clearly, with no room for misunderstanding. This combination also inspires you to make a classic style statement where timeless look is not dependent on passing fashion and taste.

You are charming and eloquent, and have the ability to speak sweetly to anyone you wish to impress – finding the right words is a great gift. Shravana’s symbol is the Ear, and it brings all kinds of oral traditions to the fore, using your expressive skills and powers of memory, and at the same time you must tune out gossip or romantic rumour.

You can teach, write and have great storytelling and presenting skills, plus chanting mantras also comes into its own, where a Vishnu or Saraswati mantra becomes especially powerful. Venus comes together with Mercury, planet of intelligence, on February 13th, which is an excellent transit for flirting and sending out a charming message.

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