Mars, planet of energy and pride, is in Anuradha nakshatra from November 20th to December 9th 2023.

This transit is entirely within the zodiacal sign of Scorpio where Mars is strong and at home, and it gives you a subtle, yet powerful way of operating that keeps below surface appearance. You may not confront people openly, but a psychological warfare aspect to your work means you have influence and do not back down from a challenge.

A strong Mars gives you a desire to prove yourself and make a conquest, and the Shakti here for ‘Devotion’, sees your total commitment to a cause creating positive change and good fortune.

Anuradha’s symbol of a Victory Arch promises a reward for your effort, and this asterism is associated with friendship and a cooperative style, where you forge alliances and aim for mutual support. You are restless and impatient, and quickly alert to a job, business or relationship elsewhere if your present horizons are too limited.

Work on balancing your desire and ego demands with the constraints of working in a team, and a clear division of labour is essential. Mars receives the aspect of Saturn, planet of boundaries, through this whole transit, which gives you an extra-focused way of working to a definite plan.

You may be slower to act and respond than usual, and also have to deal with opposition and misunderstanding from officials and mainstream opinion. Yet you are determined and professional, and confronting an obstacle on November 25th and 26th especially, sees you achieving more than if your path had been entirely clear.

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