The Sun, planet of self and creativity, enters Anuradha on November 20th until December 3rd 2023, a gentler and more sensitive nakshatra within tough, Mars-ruled Scorpio.

The Shakti, or special gift of this nakshatra’s is ‘To Worship’, so you find enhanced faith and spirituality, particularly when you get behind a cause, person or philosophy. The Sun sheds light wherever it lands, so you can also unearth private or hidden knowledge on the way to a major personal success.

Anuradha’s symbol of a Triumphal Arch, represents victory after a long career or campaign, with the prospect of success in a project where you have ego invested. As well as furthering your ambitions, this nakshatra’s deity, Mitra, is associated with contracts and alliances, so you can make a plan where everyone benefits.

Surya sits closely alongside passionate Mars in Scorpio through this transit, and also picks up the influence of both strict Saturn and lawless Rahu. You have a lot of different, competing dynamics to contend with, and need a way to combine a rebellious approach with making progress in the real world.

Your social life may be the perfect escape from the intensity – accept an offbeat invitation you might otherwise ignore and see what happens. You can still be generous and indulgent to your friends, and know the smart company to cultivate on your way to a career triumph.

This asterism is also known for a love of travel, so a trip away, especially in good company, is good for fun and enlightenment – you may even consider a long-term move, or relocating somewhere entirely new.

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