Rahu is in pada one of Bharani, in the sign of Aries, from December 19th 2022 until February 20th 2023.

This nakshatra, meaning ‘She Who Bears’, is symbolized by a Vulva and is linked to giving birth, both in terms of actual motherhood and symbolically in the sense of a creative delivery. Rahu sees you living your self-expression differently, with an ambitious and desire-driven style that wants to have it all – thrills, status and lifestyle.

Pada One of Bharani relates to Leo navamsha, the underlying chart of marriage and good fortune, and gives your self-expression a flamboyant quality that likes to be appreciated. Enjoy your desire for applause and find a talent where you can be the focus of attention.

Leo’s embrace of the spotlight and Rahu’s readiness to go against the flow, empowers other people and gives them the confidence to follow you. The Shakti, or unique gift, of this asterism, the Power to Carry Things Away, also reflects this idea and you can move in a different direction and use a kind of creative disruption to break up old life patterns.

The first nakshatra pada also carries a Dharmic quality, which sees you initiating new aims and being mindful of correct action and behaviour. Integrating this law-abiding energy with Rahu’s tendency towards the exotic and rebellious gives you a delicate balance to strike.

Rahu is flanked by both dynamic Mars and protective Jupiter through this transit, so you can push yourself further while also covering your risk. Be careful of taking your showy side over-the-top, however, and try to stick to definite limits in your quest.

You have an insatiable quality which is always looking to reach the next level, but real satisfaction is found in the heart. 

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