Mercury, planet of the mind, comes together with the all-powerful Sun in Capricorn and Aquarius altogether from February 7th to March 14th 2024.

Starting in Capricorn, Mercury comes within range of the Sun, before the two planets separate temporarily between February 14th and 20th, then return again in Aquarius.

February 26th to March 1st is the point of maximum combustion, which may see you distracted or anxious, perhaps reacting to deadline stress, or a personality who has power over you in a given situation. Your concerns may be quite real, though mental pressure also exaggerates a problem and makes you lose sight of the solution.

Mercury combust becomes ‘eclipsed’ and invisible in the sky, and your voice and ideas may also disappear from a debate or conversation. You feel powerless to express yourself, see things from a narrow, personal point of view, and may not grasp the full picture.

Don’t despair, or get angry or shout or if you feel ignored, particularly up to February 21st, but take your time and find other ways of making your influence felt. Run your thoughts past someone you trust before submitting any idea, job application, or piece of creative work.

Mercury combining with the Sun, at best, is a combination for a pursuit of knowledge, native intelligence and academic ambition. The Sun’s bright life-giving force gives you strength and leadership ability, where Mercury’s intellect represents speaking ability, communication and commercial skill.

By the end of this transit you are acting dynamically once again and back in the centre of the decision-making process.

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