Rahu, the shadow planet of desire and ambition, enters the second pada of Krittika nakshatra on February 8th, up to April 12th 2022.

This pada is in the first degrees of Taurus, a sign where Rahu is strong, and it finds you preoccupied with material pursuits and creating wealth and security. Pada two of Krittika relates to Capricorn Navamsha, the sub-chart of spirituality and relationship, which gives an underlying businesslike drive to your quest for security and grounding.

This pada’s Saturn-ruled energy allows you to think long-term, and set up a plan that will mature and bring results into the future. Krittika’s symbol of a Flame or a Razor Blade, shows a naturally impulsive mentality which you balance with Capricorn’s patient, strategic approach, and arrive at a place where you discriminate and go for the finest.

Sort out the best and clear out old attachments. Rahu itself is a contrary and rebellious energy, which now is expressed between conservative earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, so you walk a middle way between conformity and individuality.

This combination can be successful, if you express maximum ambition and channel your inner executive to go for the highest and wealthiest. Krittika’s Shakti, or special power is ‘To Burn’, which also finds you purging your old values and attachments, and where Capricorn’s strict Saturn-ruled nature gives you a tough, disciplined quality.

You are ready to sacrifice pleasure in the short-term if it gets you to your goals, and gives lasting quality going forwards. Rahu influences the relationship planets, Venus and Mars, through this transit in the month of March, so you may be trying a different approach in love, or be drawn into unusual or influential company. 

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