Rahu is in pada three of Ashwini from April 24th until June 26th, the first nakshatra in the first zodiacal sign, which is associated with courage and impetuosity.

Ashwini’s Shakti, or special gift, for Quick Action, finds you in impulsive mode, and using Rahu’s contrary nature to innovate and get a new project off the ground.

Pada Four of this asterism is ruled by Gemini navamsha, the chart of marriage and good fortune, where Rahu has innate strength and you have intellectual detachment and the gift of research and creative thought.

Rahu and Aries are both instinctive, action-first symbols, but you can think and strategize, and have good grasp of media and politics. You understand both sides of any proposition, and break up the routine of a relationship with a lively attitude and wit.

The third pada of a nakshatra is linked to the Kama tendency, which also shows you pursuing partnerships on a personal and business level. Somebody outside your usual romantic type may appeal and your versatility makes you good company, as you relate to different people on their own level.

Ashwini is a cultivated nakshatra, which takes the edge off any potential brash behaviour, and Pada Three’s Mercury rulership also enables you to negotiate and do deals. Though you have good commercial instincts, hold on to your values and don’t allow yourself to be put in the shade or compromised.

Saturn, planet of karma and authority, gives your ambitions extra gravity through this whole transit, and you are motivated by basic desire and perhaps an inner tension. Take one thing at a time and don’t make your actions so quick that you forget to enjoy the journey.

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