Mercury retrograde usually makes the headlines, but many other planets go retrograde throughout the year and are as impactful as Mercury, they just don’t have the same PR ;).

Retrogrades are common cosmic events that impact us all – they can cause confusion and revisions and a level headed person can suddenly change their ways under the influence of Mercury in retrograde, but they are not necessary bad or need to be scary, especially when we are aware of them and how to work with them.

During a retrograde the flow of the planet’s normal energy is disrupted and the house that the planet occupies gets affected and may not fully work. The houses that the planets ‘own’ will also be weaker. Retrogrades make the planet stronger which does not mean better; a favorable planet can behave like an unfavorable one and vice versa.

Retrogrades are a chance for us to slow down and reflect. They signify a time for us to renew, reassess and reimagine in the areas of our life ruled by that planet.


(More rituals will appear inside the align27 app under the rituals section a few days before the retrograde occurrence).


Mercury, rules the intellect, discrimination, communication, language, learning, youth, friends and recreation. When in retrograde we have to think twice before we act or react – in general it’s a time for misunderstandings and misconceptions, so be more aware. And, if something does go wrong, take responsibility, don’t be quick to blame all our events on Mercury

  1. A good time to focus on existing and ongoing projects rather than starting anything new.
  2. Don’t make assumptions and give people the benefit of the doubt – know that the whole world, including the people you are dealing / living with, are also going through Mercury retrograde.
  3. The negative side of Mercury is jealousy, so before getting caught up in bouts of jealousy – understand it’s the retrograde causing it.


When Staurn is in retrograde it’s our second chance to set things straight. If we failed to learn our lessons during its previous transit, then, as it turns back we get a second chance to correct it. Retrograde Saturn is in no hurry, it will give us plenty of time to master its lessons before we move ahead. We must erase from our minds that Saturn is a malefic (unfavourable influence) planet out to create obstacles, distress and suffering for us – this is not the case. Each planet guides us to our final destination, which is towards the ‘Self’.

  1. Pause and reflect on whatever has occurred in your life these past few months. Write down all the unpleasant experiences and then the lessons that each of these events have taught you – evaluate if you have learnt anything from these lessons and if not what commitment you will take to do so. 
  2. Show discipline and observe a partial or full fast on the Saturday’s during Saturn retrograde, the day ruled by Saturn.
  3. Practice Pranayama or breath control exercises each day for a few minutes during the retrograde – Saturn is a Vayu (air element) planet so Pranayama is one of the most effective remedies to deal with the Saturnian energy.


Jupiter is the celestial Guru or teacher – the giver of wisdom, knowledge, good karma, expansion and luck. It is about faith, thinking big, and manifesting a healthy outcome. When in retrograde it helps you work on issues involving growth and development, success and happiness. Rituals during Jupiter retrograde give you the opportunity to draw on it’s benefic (favorable) powers. 

  1. Perform a simple symbolic ritual by applying a little turmeric on to your forehead over your third eye on the Thursday’s during Jupiter retrograde, the day ruled by Jupiter, with an intention to clear and balance your mind so that you can optimally receive Jupiter’s gifts and teachings during this time.
  2. Offer flowers to your Guru, your guide, mentor – Thursday’s are associated with Guru (Jupiter).
  3. Meditate or do your prayers during Brahma Muhurta, the creator’s hour, to gain the blessings of Jupiter.


Mars retrogrades once in two years and can bring out issues related to power, anger and conflict. It’s masculine energy during retrograde gives a lot of power, yet it is important to understand how to use it properly. Mars rules Agni (fire element) so its retrogression can create too much fire or complete exhaustion. Mars retrograde is an excellent time to channelise energies to the external world in a delicate and controlled way.

  1. Mars is a fiery planet, it’s important to stay hydrated, especially with drinks that are cooling for the body
  2. Apply chandan (sandalwood paste) to your forehead to help cool your nervous system.
  3. The most effective remedy for any malefic planetary situation is to meditate. This will give you the clarity needed during this time and help stabilise emotions of anger which can be the by-product of Mars in retrograde.
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