Jupiter, planet of faith and expansion, moves closely alongside the Sun from March 29th to April 14th.

The Sun and Jupiter are great planetary friends which support each other’s affairs, with strong, positive and affirming mutual energy. The hot Sun’s brightness, however, obscures anything close to it, to the point of symbolically burning a planet up in its glare, rather like the effect of an eclipse.

A combust Jupiter in Pisces lacks its usual powers of faith and generosity, where your attitude becomes more of ‘hit-and-hope’ than based on any true knowledge, or even intuition.

You may be under the influence of a powerful or overbearing character whom you want to impress, and are so conscious of pleasing this person that you lose your independence of thought and opinion.

Or else you put your trust into a suspect or unreliable source, or abandon your guiding principles at work in search of a quick fix. Jupiter together with the Sun may also act in an entitled or egocentric way, where you take for granted your status or fortune, rather than basing it on intrinsic merit.

Make sure you don’t undo any recent good work with a wrong attitude, and also avoid travelling blindly in search of an answers when it is already in front of you. Base decisions on your core intelligence and not by second-guessing the current fashion.

This transit reaches maximum power from April 9th to 16th, when Jupiter’s inner strength and optimism are most depleted. The Sun gradually separates from Jupiter and moves into its exaltation sign in Aries on April 14th, so you may find your basic sense and inner security returning over the course of this transit.

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