Jupiter, the planet of philosophy and protection, is in Rohini pada (part) three within the sign of Taurus from July 13th to 30th 2024.

Rohini embodies earthy, luxury-loving Taurus in many ways, but is not the easiest place for scholarly, spiritual Jupiter to do well. You can ground your principles at this point, however, and Rohini’s Shakti ‘To Grow’, plays to Jupiter’s expansive tendency and suits your quest for greater space and freedom. Rohini Pada three relates to Gemini navamsa, the chart of marriage and spirituality, which gives Jupiter a versatile and curious quality, especially in a partnership.

Studying alongside somebody close is an expansive experience and there’s a meeting of minds when you both have a passion for the same subject. Pada Three of a nakshatra also relates to the Kama tendency in life, which is about relationships and fulfilling your desires in the highest and most complete way.

You may connect with someone on a mental or spiritual level, and find a great friendship rather than close emotional involvement. You are questioning and analytical, and enjoy variety in your reading rather than relying on one tried-and-true formula. Try to stick with your study program, even though the underlying Mercury-ruled quality here keeps you restless and constantly changing.

Jupiter also casts its influence on shadowy Ketu through this whole transit and may bring to light knowledge that has been hidden or is hard to understand. Up to July 17th in particular, meditation and psychology complement your regular academic work and give you a more complete mental picture of your subject.

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