The Sun, day-star and planet of the self, is in Hasta from September 27th to October 11th, the nakshatra of the Hand and handicraft.

As Hasta’s ruling devata, the Sun has an affinity in this asterism, and gives you a confident and generous quality within the humble and earthy nature of zodiacal Virgo. The Sun shines light wherever it lands, so you can illuminate a new area or break through darkness and obscurity in a difficult or intricate subject.

Dealing with mundane tasks like medicine and healing, or writing and teaching, are all spaces where you can excel, and all with a commercial flair. This is a masculine, fiery, rajasic nakshatra, giving you energy and passion, so take pride in your work and show you can be a safe pair of hands: craftsmanship in everything you do is key.

Even a temporary role or filling in time while your real vocation takes shape becomes a vital part of your heroic journey. Hasta’s Shakti, ‘To Put Power in Your Hands’, sits well with the Sun as symbol of the soul, and you can focus your energy with mantra work, and increase your energy and confidence.

A spiritual approach may also inspire a deep-dive into the divinatory arts, as you explore the obvious Palmistry, or its sister-science, astrology.

From October 3rd, Sun is hemmed between sweet Venus and dynamic Mars, and you may be called on to mediate a dispute, or else need a friend to give an introduction or step in and referee your own affairs.

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