Ketu, the shadow planet of spirituality and intuition, enters the third pada of Anuradha in the sign of Scorpio on August 3rd.

Anuradha is an auspicious nakshatra whose symbol of a Gateway or Triumphal Arch gives promise of personal success, and is also associated with good relations and friendship. The third pada relates to Libra navamsha – the chart ruling marriage and spirituality – giving a further balanced and harmonious quality underneath the outward Scorpio intensity.

Part of you is concerned with competition, drive and getting under the surface, while at the same time you work with cooperation and a sense of fair play. Conserve your energy, take more time if you need, and keep your eyes on the road. Ketu has an imaginative quality which allows you to see or give wonderful qualities to your partner, and also the desire to save or rescue somebody.

Anuradha’s Shakti or special gift, is also the Power of Devotion, so you can make a positive romantic transformation, where believing in a person or special project has a miraculous effect. You can be ultra-romantic, but take care not to get carried away, where you end up making too great a sacrifice.

This is a good time to put your energy into creativity, where your visionary skills come together to produce striking and exceptional artwork or design. You can also play the diplomat, either in business or in your personal life, where Ketu’s insight allows you to see both sides of a divide and bring people together to cooperate in harmony.

Ketu receives the influence of fiery Mars up to September 5th, giving you an extra-impulsive streak, and possibly a surge of anger if your efforts don’t come together immediately.

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