Mercury, planet of the mind, is retrograde in Hasta nakshatra from October 9th to 28th 2021, returning through its recent position of early September.

This retro phase lasts until October 19th, as Mercury remains in Hasta and its strong sign of Virgo, and you are perfectly placed to take advantage of a new or repeating opportunity. Hasta, especially, has an earthy and practical quality and its symbol of the Hand is associated with craft and skill, along with a careful touch around money.

The essential advice of Mercury retro remains, and it’s still best to wait before buying and committing – in this nakshatra you may encounter people with a grasping or clingy nature, leaving you with a tricky job to extricate yourself.

The situation looks subtly different after October 19th when you will see the whole picture. A deal you struck months ago may come around for a second offer, but it’s still best to give it time and thought, and play wait and see.

Mercury is associated with rogues and tricksters, and this nakshatra shows potential for using sleight of hand to get ahead. Yet Hasta’s Shakti, or special power, is ‘To Put Power in Your Hands’, so this is also an empowering time where you can make real progress and unpack a complex issue from different angles.

Hasta, naturally, is also linked to palmistry and other forms of divination, like astrology, so this is a good time for a consultation and a look into the future. Benevolent Jupiter throws its influence on Mercury through this transit, so positive planning and affirmation have a decisive effect on your ambitions.

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