The partial Lunar Eclipse on November 19th falls in Krittika, in the sign of Taurus, the nakshatra symbolized by a Razor, which signifies fire and extremes of feeling.

This is a supercharged Full Moon, where the Sun and Moon face off across the otherworldly Rahu-Ketu axis, and the Earth’s shadow obscures the Moon’s emotional mind. Make sure your thinking stays on-track as the atmospheric pressure rises, and prepare to find friends and loved ones more sensitive and highly strung. 

By fulfilling a desire, a cycle comes to a climax and Krittika’s blade cuts away an outworn element of your life – this nakshatra is also known for burning and clearing, and you digest deep experience now and create a lighter and more fulfilled inner centre. 

The Moon is comfortable in Taurus, close to its highest degree of exaltation, yet anxious, turbulent sensations still well up, as your inner frequency temporarily shifts. The experience can lead you to act out of character, where a small or insignificant event or impression appears like a distorted shadow on a wall. Your decision-making is likely impulsive, or even unusually detached, so it’s better to sleep on an idea before committing, or at least not take a new proposal at face value. 

The Moon is with only shadowy Rahu at this eclipse, with no other planet nearby, which shows the benefit of positive solitude and working your plans out by affirmation and strength of will. 

Eclipses are not an auspicious moment for a new plan or initiative, nor to travel, and it’s better to look within and dive into meditation and chanting. Spiritual work has a greater than usual return, where your efforts are doubled, trebled, or more.

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