Mars, planet of drive and competition, is in Cancer-Ashlesha from June 29th to July 20th.

Ashlesha’s ruling devatas are The Naghas, the shape-shifting mythological serpents who have lethal powers, and also act as custodians of heavenly treasure. Snakes are a symbol of worldly wisdom and while Ashlesha has mystical knowledge, it also knows how the real world works, so your progress comes through both material and spiritual.

This asterism is associated with shrewdness and insight, so you are alive to craftiness and manipulation at home or at work, and may even reply with some of your own. Mars is debilitated in this nakshatra, which sees your energy coming in short bursts, and you stepping up and asserting yourself only when you are in the mood, or feel threatened.

Still, a protective and territorial feeling is a big motivation, and you can use psychological tactics as much as overt action to unnerve and hypnotize your rivals. Your instincts about people are sharp, especially if you sense someone is acting secretively, or with mind-games or a hidden agenda.

A friend may be using their attractiveness or power to further their ambitions, so make sure your connection is on the right level. The Shakti of this asterism is ‘to inflict poison’, so you may also encounter toxic people and situations, and need to know how to use your own power in the right measure, and not overreach.

On an esoteric level, this nakshatra is linked to the coiled serpent of kundalini energy at the base of the spine, which can manifest through intimacy and emotion, or via a spiritual experience in intense yoga practice – snakes are a symbol of transformation and this is a perfect time to shed your psychic skin.

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