The Sun is in Punarvasu from July 6th to 20th, the nakshatra crossing the zodiacal signs of Gemini and Cancer.

Punarvasu’s symbol is a quiver full of arrows, which shows adventure through flights of thought and imagination, and its ruler is Aditi, the Divine Mother who presides over noble virtues and infinity itself. The Sun’s transit here brings development of character and a desire for new knowledge and wisdom, and also has an association with renewal and replenishment.

This is a Passive and Sattvic asterism famed for its adaptable qualities, fond of luxuries and poetry, and shows your adventures here are likely to be on the mental and spiritual level, or in the arts where you can wield words – spoken or written – with great power and strength.

Punarvasu is also traditionally the birth nakshatra of Lord Rama, the Avatar-King of the Ramayana, whose bow and arrow was symbolic of his character and destiny. As the planet of kingship, the Sun shows you seeking or being thrust into a leadership role, or facing important decisions which affect a larger body of people.

Up to July 17th, the Sun is flanked on either side by Rahu and Mars, which requires you to choose carefully and be mindful of the effect your leadership calls have on others.

Balance your own needs with those of the group, where for integrity’s sake you must sometimes go against the majority opinion, though at this time of year you may also find a new source of energy and inspiration on both the material and spiritual levels.

A path or ambition which were left unexplored come back into your life, or else you complete a personal character-forming journey. 

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