The Sun, planet of soul and self-expression, enters Aries-Ashwini on April 14th until 27th, the sign and nakshatra both associated with speed and courage.

This moment is ‘Mesha Sankranti’, the Sun’s entry into the first zodiacal sign, where it is also strongest and most respected, at the start of a new astrological year. Ashwini’s Shakti, or special power, is for Quick Action, and you can size up a situation and make an instant choice which at other times would be difficult or unwise.

Now, however, an immediate call cuts to the heart of the matter and you gain nothing by waiting. This asterism is also associated with beauty and flamboyance, and its symbol of the Horse shows speed and power, so working quickly is of the essence and you bring energy and fire into everything you do.

A truly heroic streak sees you shining a light on an area of life and daring to go in areas which were previously hidden. Discretion is still advised, however, if you would avoid an all-out revolution or pointless battle – go with your intuition if it feels right, but have some thought for the future fallout.

Ashwini is Sattvic in nature and notable for good manners and charm, so your occasional pushy and competitive side is softened by a pleasing quality that keeps you in favour. This nakshatra is also lorded by the Ashvini Kumaras, the divine physicians, so exercise has a positive impact on your wellbeing.

Getting moving again after a period of rest, reflection or inactivity feels good and you look forward to future conquests. The Full Moon on April 16th is a notable high-energy moment where your adventurous streak and emotional confidence come together. 

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