We had an align27 user reach out to us to say thank you and to share his story of how he just had no luck finding a girlfriend that stuck until he came across the align27 app.

He was dating for a while and went on many dates, but nothing solid that turned into anything more than a few dates. Until a friend recommended align27 and that’s when things changed for him.

We asked him to write to us with his full journey and with his permission we share his story below.

” I had hit a dead end with dating. I mean there are sooooo many dating apps out there and I was literally on all of them. Don’t get me wrong, I had dates, and met some really incredible women, but for some reason it didn’t result in anything.

Either they’d stop contacting me, or I didn’t feel any sort of meaningful connection with them or we just weren’t on the right wave length.

I’m 34 and I’ve dated a fair bit – either through friends setting me up or through apps. I wouldn’t say i’m the picky kind at all, I’ve had a handful of fairly ok relationships, but nothing that’s lasted more than a few months.

When that happens you begin to think there’s something wrong with you and it hits your self confidence like a beast. But I have great female friends who assure me I don’t need to change and that I just haven’t been lucky enough to find the right person yet, in a  you’re-a-great-guy-can’t-believe-you’re-still-single kind of way.

In my 20’s the short relationships suited me – I travelled a lot, was busy setting up my own business, I was happy to not have the distractions that my friends seemed to have in their relationships. But now in my early 30’s, as friends settle and have kids I was feeling the pinch of not having someone I can share my life with.

So I hit the dating game hard – I think literally at its peak I was on about 15 different apps and websites.

About 8 months ago, when sharing my dating-woes with a friend, she asked me if I believed in astrology as she’d just started using an app called align27 and thought it might help me as it’s all based on doing things at the right time for you.

I was neutral in my view of astrology up to this point – I see myself as a spiritual person, on this constant journey of self discovery and would say I’m open to trying new things. But I’d never explored astrology, but, had an open mind as she shared more about the align27 app.

She suggested I use the app to pick the right time I contacted people or went on dates. It didn’t sound like too much hassle, so I thought I would give it a go.

It was easy as that – I guess when you’ve hit a brick wall you’d be happy to take any little step up if you think it might help pull you over.

I started to use the app as my friend suggested. I liked how I didn’t need to know about astrology or understand the terminology, it just gave a really quick and easy to read interface so you knew if your day was going to be red, amber or green according to your birth chart.

I just entered my birth details when I downloaded the app and then after that didn’t really need to put my brain to it.

First, if I liked someone and wanted to reach out to them, I’d do it at the right time according to the app – which they call golden moments – I literally experimented with the app and made sure I did important things on a green day and in my golden moments. These are supposed to be the most cosmically supporting times for you.

Then I started using it for all sorts of things. For literally every step of my dating journey I used it. And it worked! No kidding, I actually got to meet some great people along the way that I connected with and one of them I’m still dating….6 months on!

I just made sure that where possible, and it wasn’t always possible, but when I could I would 100% do the things I wanted a positive outcome from according to the suggested timings in the app.

I told my girlfriend about the align27 app after a few dates with her and she thought it was a bit weird until I showed her how it worked. I use it for other areas of my life now, such as business meetings and its spot on.

I know it’s a bit strange, and even if you’d told me before that astrology would help me finally get a girlfriend who I can see myself spending the rest of my life with, even I’d think it’s mad. But I’m glad I explored and obviously I’m glad it worked!”

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