Jupiter, planet of philosophy and expansion, enters pada (part) four of Ashwini, the nakshatra associated with speed and courage, from June 4th to 21st, 2023.

The fourth pada of this nakshatra relates to Cancer in the navamsha chart of marriage and blessings, which gives you a powerful underlying supportive and nurturing side. Cancer navamsha is Jupiter’s exaltation, where you have generous instincts and the ability to attract somebody with a warm, reciprocal energy.

Either you give off a subtle quality to attract somebody new, or enhance your present relationship with emotional kindness. Jupiter’s blessings flow smoothly here, and you give without expectation or exhaustion.

Ashwini’s Shakti for ‘Quick Action’ is channelled through a lunar-ruled psychic openness, which together gives you sharp instincts you can trust. Your quest for higher knowledge through travel and education is highly auspicious, and you can find comfort and support when on the road.

You take on a teaching role in a natural and unpretentious way, or else get behind an educational effort for a shared higher cause. Jupiter is concerned with formal training and building a framework for truth, though your intuitive and spontaneity enlivens a teaching experience.

The fourth pada of any nakshatra is of the Moksha tendency, which centres around yogic practice and ultimate liberation: this pada gives good fortune wherever you happen to be, and an easy movement towards awakening.

Jupiter receives the glance of strict, sober Saturn through this whole transit, which grows in intensity up to June 21st. You have a smart, professional attitude and keep one eye on the bottom line, where any charitable donation is made sustainable for the long-term.

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