Saturn, planet of karma and success, moves into pada (part) one of Shatabhishak within the sign of Aquarius from November 24th 2023 to January 11th 2024.

This is Saturn’s third and final move through this pada, after first transiting here in March and April 2023, and most recently from late August to mid-October, when it was retrograde. These three passes over a nine-month period are Saturn’s classic movement, which gives you time to digest thoroughly experiences and fated events.

You have most likely tried approaching a problem in different ways over this time, or considered walking away from a challenge altogether, but if you are still in the game, success may come to find you now.

This applies especially if you have a natal planet in this area. Shatabhishak’s name translates literally to ‘one hundred physicians’, and its Shakti or special quality for Healing sees you coming to a decision over a lifestyle or wellness program.

Recuperation may take longer than you expect, but by now the benefits of your routine become clear. Pada One of Shatabhishak relates to Sagittarius navamsha, ruled by Jupiter, which has an underlying philosophical quality and optimistic spirit to balance Saturn’s risk-averse outlook.

The academic background to a health or diet is also an area to explore, and you can educate yourself as well as deal with practical matters. Pada One of a nakshatra relates to the Dharmic tendency in life, where right action in accord with your highest self leads to a positive and harmonious result.

This pada’s subtle Jupiter-ruled tendency is to expand and trust in providence, which leaves you facing the future free of doubt.

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