Jupiter, planet of philosophy and expansion, is in Bharani pada (part) two, in the sign of Aries, from February 27th to March 16th.

This is the third and final time Jupiter in Aries is in this nakshatra pada, the most recent being through October of last year, when it was in retrograde motion. Now moving forwards, Jupiter affirms your good fortune and broadens your horizons in a meaningful way.

If new conditions take time to bed-in, this may be the point where you appreciate an opportunity and cement it for the longer term. You are either breaking new ground, or else healing pain or misunderstanding from the past and getting a sense of starting over again.

Pada two of Bharani relates to Virgo navamsha, the underlying chart of marriage and spirituality, which emphasises fine detail and discrimination in your work.

This nakshatra’s name means ‘She Who Bears’ and is associated with giving birth – as in having children, but also ideas and creativity – so you have an attitude of fine craftsmanship and skill with your hands and mind.

You balance an impulsive and adventurous attitude, especially in relationship, with a more careful and practical approach that seeks the bottom line and how things work in the real world.

The second nakshatra pada is also naturally associated with the Artha quality, or Right Livelihood, where you accumulate wealth and security based on your own inner truth. Jupiter receives the strict influence of Saturn, lord of karma, through this whole transit, which keeps you on a straight path and may limit your creativity.

You may wish for a more adventurous approach, but building slowly also sees you getting maximum results from the good fortune that is sure to come.

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