Jupiter, the planet of protection and philosophy, enters Taurus from May 1st, 2024 up to May 14th, 2025.

This transit has a general healing effect, even if no outward results are apparent, and its influence is optimistic and liberating. Taurus is an enemy sign of Jupiter’s, however, and there’s a contrast between the material and spiritual sides of life.

You may be lazy and indulgent and need extra effort to get the best results. Hang on to your basic values and be mindful not to overeat, over-celebrate, and overspend.

Jupiter also casts its influence on Virgo and Capricorn over the coming year, and planets in those signs receive support and promotion. An aspect from Jupiter is good for future planning, where obstacles are removed and new solutions appear.

Jupiter moves quickly through the first half of Taurus by July 15th, 2024, so much so that you may not appreciate its impact. New growth emerges, but be alive to opportunities as they come.

From May 29th to June 13th, 2024, Jupiter in Krittika is strong in Pisces navamsa, and the double Jupiter effect gives you faith and good fortune, especially in a close relationship. You can commit for the longer term, and believing in your partner has a positive, affirming effect.

Jupiter traditionally gives its strongest effects in the middle third of a sign, from June 14th until August 5th, and again from December 15th, 2024 to March 27th, 2025. These phases favour growth and luxury, and the major changes of this transit may arrive, with fated or karmic good fortune.

Rohini nakshatra pada four, July 31st to August 20th, relates to Cancer navamsha, which brings a sense of healing and reconciliation, and a generous gesture has an excellent effect.

Jupiter retrograde from October 9th, 2024 up to February 4th, 2025, is a chance to reflect and take a second opportunity that appeared earlier in the year. You may be consolidating or having a reality check with your budget, but can also see a tempting offer in a different light.

Jupiter returns into fortunate Cancer navamsa, retrograde, from November 28th to December 23rd. The extended sign exchange between Jupiter and Venus in Pisces, from January 28th, 2024 to May 14th, 2025, is an outstanding opportunity to be adventurous and forgiving in love, and you can achieve a result that seems almost miraculous.

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