Mars, planet of action and competition, is in Sagittarius-Mula from January 16th until February 3rd 2022, the nakshatra associated with bare essentials and stripping away excess.

Mula’s symbol of a Root is connected with simplicity and austerity, where you fight for a cause or ambition purely for its own sake and not ego or acclaim. Keep this principle in mind in your work now, where recognition only arrives after the battle.

This nakshatra should be treated with respect, if not caution, as its Shakti, or unique gift of ‘The Power to Ruin and Destroy’, may see you going overboard with the clearing-away stage, before you replace old with new.

You can also become overly fixated or fanatical when crossing swords in debate, and even though you may be in the right, try to remain diplomatic. Mula is ruled by Nirrita/ Alakshmi, the goddess associated with shortage and privation, and is not the best energy for borrowing or gambling, so be careful not to over-extend yourself.

It is a better use of Mula’s powers to ‘plant’ a new Root of ambition, or build a project from the ground upwards and watch it flourish. Mars travels alongside Venus, planet of relationship, in Sagittarius through this whole transit, so you have the potential for a PR coup or to make a good impression on somebody.

A second chance to influence or enchant may arise, only this time you are ready, and more confident and assertive. Think twice also before making any impulse buys, particularly as we go through Mercury retrograde period from January 14th.

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