Mercury, planet of intellect and communication, crosses the Gandanta zone between fire and water signs and nakshatras from December 25th until January 11th 2024.

This is a particularly intense Gandanta phase, or junction area which translates to ‘knot-end’, and has a quality of instability and karmic experience. Mercury being retrograde makes this transit more complex and long-lasting, as it goes across the Gandanta zone twice; first backwards and then forwards.

Starting in Sagittarius-Mula, Mercury moves into Scorpio-Jyeshta on December 28th, and then back into Sagittarius-Mula on January 7th. This second transition may see a question from the first reappearing, and it’s especially hard to commit and see the future.

For a decision-making planet like Mercury, business is up-in-the-air, with many uncertainties, and looking into the fine print brings a technicality to the surface. You can’t benefit straight away from a good lead or contact, and a friend may pull out of an agreement – or you yourself have second thoughts on a settled deal.

An unexpected obstacle or knot feels like the intervention of fate, which makes you work a little bit harder. You go from certainty to confusion more than once, or feel that people are not picking up on your hints and suggestions.

From December 27th until January 7th, you can be diplomatic and say the right thing if you need to keep somebody onside. An issue becomes clearer after January 11th, and if a project or ambition is worth the effort, then it pays to wait a few days to get the best possible outcome.

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