Saturn, planet of karma and success, is retrograde in pada one of Shravana nakshatra within the sign of Capricorn from September 13th to November 7th 2021.

This is the same area Saturn went through from late January to February this year, and your experiences from that time repeat subtly and make an important lesson clear. Saturn is powerful in Capricorn, where it gives potential for long-term building, and you don’t mind waiting for your dreams to materialize as long as you are heading on the right path.

Shravana pada one, however relates to Aries navamsha – the underlying spiritual and relationship level – where Saturn is less comfortable, so there’s a tension between steady progress and getting on with the job speedily.

You re-learn the value of patience, where rushing ahead in Aries-Mars style only gets you so far, and though you show energy and initiative, only staying the course grounds your desires in the real world. Shravana nakshatra is symbolized by an Ear, which is linked to oral wisdom, speech and listening, so communication is key, as well as slow and disciplined spiritual practices like yoga and mantra-chanting. 

Intelligence and information you picked up six months ago proves its worth now, and you fully realize the importance of a vital clue from back then. You can speak well, with real substance, but sticking by your word, being a good listener, and tuning out gossip are equally vital.

Shravana’s Shakti, or unique gift, is for Connection, so joining in and bringing other people in on your discussions makes a creative situation. Saturn is re-joined by Jupiter also in Capricorn through this transit, which gives you a wider and more adventurous outlook.

Build on ambitious plans you imagined at the start of the year and combine vision with top executive skills.

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