Jupiter-Guru, planet of good fortune and philosophy, turns retrograde in Aquarius-Shatabhishak on June 20th until October 18th 2021.

Transiting through Aquarius lifts Jupiter’s powers and creates a more positive vibration as large parts of the world come out of a mood of restriction and pessimism. Jupiter is about faith, thinking big, and manifesting a healthy outcome, and now it offers you an idealistic and humanitarian vision, with everyone being connected and pulling together for a common cause.

A political side to your business may see you join with like-minded souls to create a mutually supportive enterprise, and you also reconsider your education, travel and mind-expanding options. In its retrograde arc, Jupiter reinforces all such themes and lets you sort out which efforts are viable and which need adjustment.

There is a return to conditions of earlier in the year and an invitation or moment of inspiration may come around for a second bite, where you now have all the skills and credentials to make it work. Jupiter spreads confidence wherever it travels and the affairs of the Aquarius section of your chart receive a boost.

You still have to focus and put the hours in, but are rewarded for thinking big and believing the best. Stick at it. By September 15th, Jupiter returns into Capricorn, and for two months altogether reverts to a more cautious and conservative outlook.

Keep the faith at this time and use your experience of January-April 2021 to keep things real but at the same time follow your star, rather than second-guess your direction or go with conventional wisdom.

Jupiter’s retrograde phase starts and finishes near a simultaneous Mercury retrograde, which adds to the sense of adaptation and looking out for an alternative ambition, or past option made good.

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