Mercury, planet of thought, comes together with forceful, assertive Mars in Leo from July 25th to August 18th 2023.

This is a great transit for giving you mental energy and making your wishes known clearly. At other times you may rely on hints or suggestions, but now you speak up openly and express an idea you have thought about in private.

Try to maintain discretion, however, and pick your battles carefully – it’s best to have definite place or forum to channel your opinions. You can complain and campaign effectively, on your own or other people’s behalf, and make a fearless spokesperson for a point or principle.

The pace of change may be too slow for your mood, but resist the urge to force result, and let your ideas reach their full scale. Mercury and Mars are planetary enemies, so there is risk of speaking harshly, and perhaps being over-critical or airing an unpopular truth.

This fiery combination works on a short fuse, and a frustrated or unspoken detail comes out in a rash moment, where it is hard to take your words back.

Mercury and Mars receive the gaze of broad-ranging Jupiter through this whole transit, which expands your crusading streak, and gives you an interest in academic study and bigger issues. You plan optimistically, then make your mind up quickly.

Jupiter’s influence can also lead you exaggerate, however, or say something you wish was true but needs to be verified. Debate or discussion easily goes off-track and people get competitive and argue over who was first to a solution.

With a genuine cause or brilliant idea, however, this is an outstanding time to make your point and be recognized for your problem-solving ability.

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