Mars, planet of action and competition, is placed in Ardra nakshatra in the sign of Gemini from April 24th to May 17th 2021.

Ardra shows the deep and intense part of Gemini, in sharp contrast to its airy and bubbly image, and you get into psychic research, emotional decisions and cutting away spare elements from your life.  You see both sides of every situation and the soft or vulnerable side behind people’s hard exterior – an insight that gives you great empathy for those who may be struggling.

Ardra’s Shakti, or special power, is for ‘Effort’, and Mars now offers not only sympathetic words but a practical solution, which makes you an excellent mentor and counsellor.

This nakshatra is ruled over by Rudra the Storm God, which represents an emotional tempest leading to sudden transformation and an overwhelming feeling bubbling up from within.

Ardra’s symbol is a Teardrop, and while you can assert yourself effectively, your anger and pent-up feelings in the form of nostalgia, sentimentality may come out in the form of a good cry: a draining experience but excellent therapy.

Despite its often overwhelming emotional energy, Ardra is also known for a detached and businesslike manner, and you can steel yourself to do important tasks in stressful conditions. Beyond a certain point, worldly ambitions bring only limited satisfaction and at these moments it is better to turn your attention to spiritual goals within.

Mars receives the influence of its friend Jupiter through this transit, which lightens the load of Ardra’s intensity, and allows you to keep going further for longer.

You have energy and optimism on your side and a solution to a difficult problem may appear, or support arrives from an unexpected source.

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