Mars, planet of energy and action, is in Shravana within the sign of Capricorn from March 11th 2022.

This sign gives Mars its greatest strength, where you have power for an ambitious and demanding task which you reel in quickly and professionally. Shravana is an auspicious nakshatra associated with sagacity and learning, particularly the oral transmission of spiritual knowledge.

You can work as a spiritual warrior, using brains aligned with muscle and putting your energy into the pursuit of wisdom.  You learn a lot about the power of speech, weighing your words carefully, and becoming aware of their capacity to persuade, wound or heal.

Shravana is a moveable nakshatra, so travelling is favoured under this transit, especially in pursuit of knowledge, and you also have the discipline to study a foreign language while you are away. There is a competitive element to your pursuit of education, and someone may trigger you into wanting to learn more and prove your ability.

Shravana is ruled by Vishnu, but also has a natural association with Saraswati, devata of wisdom, and her mantra in particular enhances memory and your natural connection to new ideas. Teaching is also a good way to reinforce your own knowledge, so imparting your skills and experience to others is an excellent use of your time.

A period of silence may be important too, where you listen to your inner voice and tune out superficial talk and toxic messages. Mars moves closely alongside romantic Venus during this transit, which gives you a conciliatory side together with natural drive and ambition.

You may wish to join forces with someone, either romantically or professionally, and have an artistic flair when working your plans through.

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