June 10th sees a Solar Eclipse in Taurus-Mrigashira, which is the complementary event to the Lunar Eclipse of May 26th.

This is an ‘annular’ eclipse, which leaves the edges of the Sun exposed by the Moon’s disk and creates a ‘Ring of Fire’ effect in the eclipse’s worldwide path of visibility. A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon, showing a fresh start, which gives you the desire to draw a line under the past and move on feeling lighter and freer.

There is an atmosphere of great intensity, where psychic feelings make a deeper impression on you than at any other time – be mindful that you are highly sensitive and may overreact to someone’s innocent behaviour or remarks.

The Moon is naturally strong in Taurus, but being burnt up by proximity the Sun while also in dark Rahu’s shadow can leave you anxious and highly strung, without the usual grounding lunar influence.

You may feel a strong compulsion to act and make an immediate difference, when the best course is to defer your choices if possible until the emotional temperature cools down. Doubly so since Mercury, planet of the mind, is currently retrograde, also in Mrigashira, which creates potential misunderstanding.

Spiritual work is highly profitable at a Solar eclipse, however, and you can make a tangible difference to your life and affirm your future success on the invisible level. Meditation becomes deep, powerful and transformative and you get manifold return for time invested on the mat.

Mrigashirai’s myth is associated with a chase and its Shakti is The Power of Fulfilment, so this eclipse has the promise to bring the climax of an ambition before you move on in pursuit of your next dream.

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