Venus, planet of love and the arts, is in Purva Bhadrapada from March 8th to 20th, the nakshatra which reaches across the signs of Aquarius and Pisces. 

Purva Bhadrapada’s Shakti, or unique gift, is to ‘raise the spiritual fire’, which shows a kind of purging and cleansing, while its symbol is the front side of a bed or cot, representing clearing and removing old obstacles. 

You may confront a difficult or emotional situation with your partner, or else want to relate on a different level which requires leaving the past behind. Before you can move forward with a new romantic scene, you have to reconcile with what has gone before, on a material, emotional and spiritual level. 

Purva is also represented by a two-faced person, so be careful of being drawn into a situation where you are being told one thing but you sense something else going on underneath. Your progress may come with political awareness and letting things pass in your dealings without being fooled. 

This time is as much about freeing yourself of old baggage as accumulating more stuff in Venus’s luxury-loving style. Purva’s deity is Ajaikapada, an aspect of Rudra the Storm God, which here is a fire-storm in the sense of making a sacrifice – meditation and fasting are valuable now, or anything which puts you in touch with your inner self. 

This is also an active and warrior-caste (kshatriya) asterism, which needs a definite action to bring out its finest quality, and passion and inner fire all come into the equation. As planet of the arts, Venus may inspire your creativity, looking into darker themes and depicting the darker side of life, and it also keeps track with the life-giving Sun during this transit. 

This can sometimes see a powerful character coming into your life and leaving you feel slightly overshadowed, so make sure your needs are met and your talents fully appreciated.

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