Mars, planet of energy, courage and initiative, is in Rohini nakshatra within the sign of Taurus from March 11th to April 3rd.

Rohini is ruled by Bramha the Creator, which shows your creative and artistic plans uniting, while Mars gives you the drive and initiative to make things happen. This is one of the truly auspicious asterisms, renowned for its beauty and charm, flirtatious nature and links with planting and agriculture.

Its Shakti, or special gift, is ‘To Grow’, and people, plans and events flourish under its influence, so you can make good contacts, know what to say, with the only risk being Mars’s edgy impulsiveness proving too harsh for Rohini’s gentle and leisurely nature.

Yet Rohini is also a Rajasic, action-oriented nakshatra, where you can carry out your plans: take things slowly, don’t be concerned about spending time laying the ground for an ambition, and your ideas will unfold all in the right way.

Mars receives the positive influence of philosophical Jupiter through this whole transit, which gives you a broad vision and sense of adventure, making this an excellent time for ambitious planning. You can study, research and enjoy mind-food, which give a feeling of inner richness and luxury.

Rohini’s symbol is a cart, which further suggests travel and progress, and gives a bigger picture to your world as you are prepared to widen your horizons. Whether in career at home or relationship, you make steady progress with the promise of fulfilment.

This asterism is classically feminine, associating with luxuries and fashion, so putting your energy into all these areas promises good fortune.

This is also a good time for a romantic pursuit, where you are clear about your intentions and persistent in your chase, but make sure you are not overly bold or ‘me-first’.

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