Mercury, planet of thought and speech, is ‘combust’ by the fiery Sun from September 30th until Nov 13th 2023.

This state arises when Mercury gets burnt up in the solar glare, and you lose some power to think clearly and communicate. Mercury combust becomes literally invisible in the sky, and symbolically may leave you with thoughts and opinions that ‘disappear’, or are left unheard.

This transit takes in three signs altogether, but spends most time in Virgo and then Libra. Mercury has natural strength in its own sign Virgo up to October 18th, with a smart, capable and practical mentality that understands the technical and everyday side of any problem.

You are well-informed, but also trust your real-world experience. Mercury’s combustion increases as it moves closer to the Sun in Virgo, and you may notice the most powerful effects of this transit as it progresses.

Despite your sharp and scholarly approach, a pressing issue or perhaps an overpowering personality dominates your thinking, which makes you slightly anxious and looking for a way to express yourself.

Mercury joins the Sun in Libra on October 18th, where until October 24th there is near-to-total combustion, and despite your best efforts, a big decision or written, academic or media work may be blocked or obscured.

This same period sees Sun and Mercury coming close to shadowy Ketu, planet of liberation and spirituality, and you may do better with a flash of intuition than strictly rational thought. Get good advice on whatever matter is bothering you, and separate out the facts from your imagination.

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