Venus, planet of love and luxury, enters Shatabhishak on April 6th, the nakshatra contained within the sign of Aquarius.

Shatabhishak’s reputation for seeking solitude, along with its strong mystical quality may see you attracted to an otherworldly type, or someone with whom you share an interest in mystery and divination.

This nakshatra is presided over by Varuna, God of the Oceans, which also brings contact with water, the chance of long-distance travel overseas, or immersion in the inner pool of meditation.

Venus’s sociable nature, however, sees you balancing your desire to reflect on bigger questions with an urge to get out and connect more – make sure you don’t become so detached and inward-looking that lose touch with your closest circle.

Shatabhishak also has a reputation for direct speech, so be careful of speaking out of turn or saying the wrong thing to someone you want to impress.

The Shakti, or special power, of this nakshatra is for Healing and its name translates to ‘a hundred physicians’, so you may be involved in medicine from a professional point of view, or enjoy a particular special person’s company for their romantic and therapeutic effect.

Or else Venus’s creative quality sees you with a talent for healing arts, particularly diet or massage, but in any case something with a sensual, tactile quality suits the nature of the time. You can also heal your heart and find love and understanding when you have someone on your level who truly understands.

Venus is surrounded up to April 14th between the harsh influences of the Sun and Saturn, which sees you requiring a smooth touch to negotiate your relationship. Remain true to your needs, and you can win somebody round when you heal a rift or find a middle way between two opposing parties. 

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