Mercury, planet of communication, is in the nakshatra of Dhanishta across the zodiacal signs of Capricorn and Aquarius from March 5th until 16th.

This transit sees Mercury going back over its retrograde path from last month and you revisit some of your recent experience, where a question or opportunity may only now start to make sense or be possible. The meaning of somebody returning back into your life also becomes clear and you take on board some of the things this person said. 

Dhanishtha is famous for its association with music, as represented by Shiva’s flute, and its symbol The Drum shows percussion and rhythm. You can use this signature for music and any activity which needs a strong pulse. 

Mercury favours speaking, singing and using your voice, or perhaps studying and understanding music in a formal or academic way. Music also gives a meditative experience that brings great mental peace, and public performance also has the promise of satisfaction where you can hold the attention of a room. 

Dhanishtha’s Shakti, or special power, is ‘to create wealth and fame’, and with Mercury’s ability to do business, this is an auspicious time to close a deal. You analyze details of your operation and create prosperity and reward in anything you turn your hand to – keep the inspiration from this time even after it is over. This asterism is ruled by the Ashta (eight) Vasus, which are the wealth-givers in Vedic mythology, and making a charitable donation is favourable for giver and receiver. Focusing on your ideas, career and ambitions is more favourable now than relationship plans and you lay the foundations for your future success. 

Mercury is close together with philosophical Jupiter from March 5th to 12th, making this an excellent time for mental inspiration and studying spiritual knowledge.

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